Hidden Picture

Try this. It's pretty cool. Try not to cheat & look at the answer.

Stare at the following and see if you can find the hidden image.

Get as close to your monitor as possible then slowly pull away.

You'll be quite amazed when it comes into view.











Remember what you saw and scroll down to the bottom for the

answer. If you had trouble and didn't see it, try getting close to

the screen, even placing your nose on the screen, and slightly blur your

eyes for about 30 seconds, that usually helps people to see it.

Scroll down to compare the answer to what you saw.

Wasn't anything to see, was there

Now real quick, go get the Windex and clean the nose print off the monitor. Then get your (victim - brother/sister/mom/dad) to come see the cool picture. -

---hint---- first hide the Windex

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