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Discovery Eduction
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College Stuff

the College Board site

Some S.A.T. help
on the College Board site

College Net - online scholarship applications
College Net
online applications
scholarship searches, more

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"Spiritual" links
music, graphics, messages, studies

Daily Blessings site

The Upper Room
Upper Room Devozine

The OOZE conversation for the journey

Campus Crusade for Christ


Inspirational link
Believe in Miracles"

Inspirational link
 "What if?"


listen to and
download hymns


Interview with God
this website has several flash movies, including "Interview with God"
"The Lord's Prayer"

A UMC study page on
Global Health and
Christian "Response-ability"

Story about the painting
The Last Supper
(awesome sound)

for the younger ones
(OK, and those not so young)

 Adventures in Odyssey
Adventures in Odyssey

Christian Cartoons
Christian Cartoons

  Fun Brain - fun brain work for kids and teachers
for kids 6 to 17+
parents and teachers, too

"Kids Links"
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Fact Monster - games and study stuff for the younger set
games and study stuff for the younger set

link to the Lego website 



from the GBGM website

church youth pages

UMYF Net - lots of youth sites

Ashford UMC
Houston, TX

Faith UMC
Pittsburgh, PA

FUMC Richardson
Richardson, TX

Marietta, GA FUMC




Summit UMC
Marshall, TX

 Trinity UMC
Richmond, VA

Ridley Park UMC
Ridley Park, PA


 Methodist church "stuff"

United Methodist Church
home page


Traveling ? click to

find a Methodist Church where you're going


read about the
United Methodist Church

read the history of the United Methodist church

links to friends


YWAM Tyler

YWAM International



The Scroll
Christian Bookstore


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