Fun in the Son - 2008
Fun in the Son at the Lind's on June 18th

A simple team game: drop, don't DIVE, into the water and swim underwater
keeping one hand in contact with the bottom. If you come up for air, come straight up then go back down and keep going to the end of the pool.
When you touch, your teammate DROPS into the water and goes back to the other end. First team to have all members swim, wins.

it only took 20 minutes to get the rules almost across, then Genna gave up

A lot of action shots

.... not real impressed

you can't change your mind once you get to the end of the board

we had over twice as many youth attend as were expected so dinner was a bit delayed
but it was well worth the wait

June 4 at the Adams and Hide-A-Way beach
June 11 at the Krohn's
July 23 at the Baker's
August 6 at the Averitt's
August 13 at the Foote's
Lake Day at Lake Hawkins

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