New Years 2009

One of our former members who has been serving in Iraq for two years gave us a first hand account of
just what it's like over there

Genna rented some Sumo Wrestler suits
The girls went first

Then Genna took a turn and showed just how tough you get when you raise 7 kids

Some of the boys paired off to give it a try

While the "wrestlers" were busy at one end of the gym the basketball players stayed focused on their game

some Sumo basketball

Some Sumo videos
(these are in Quick Time format)
one shot with a
cell (Genna is in the first half)
and one shot with a
digital camera

We walked over to the sanctuary shortly before midnight for a devotional and quiet time for reflection

then back to the gym and some party poppers

Genna had a little trouble with hers

The rest of the evening was spent playing basketball,

the Disney game "Scene It"

snacks, movies and some sleep

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