Peters Walk 2009

A Peters Walk experience - taken from "Destination Easter" by Kathy Hershman and Kaylea Huston

We knew that this year because our youth group has grown so much we would need to divide them into three groups
which also meant we needed three times as many adults. Thanks to ALL of you who stepped up and made this a most memorable experience for the kids

The kids are blindfolded and led to several different locations where Peter relates to them some of his experiences with Jesus

the story of feeding the 5,000 and a taste of fish and bread

the shepherd's leading their groups

Experiencing the story of the storm and taking that step of faith onto the water

The story of Jairus' daughter

Foot Washing

Genna tells of the crucifixion and Beth sings "Were You There"

Charlene ran the sound system for us, running the sound effects and accompaniment music for Beth
many thanks also to John Whipkey for getting the sound set up for us

a new part written by Genna, we had a time of prayer and reflection in the Sanctuary

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