Car Wash #1
Fund Raiser for Summer Missions 2004

3 hours - $500
Well Done YOUth!!

Some overheard comments....

Do you see how DIRTY this thing is?
You'd think they'd wash it before going out in public in it
Hey, this sponge thingy is all wet and full of soap! Now what do I do with it? Do you think if we hide back here long enough this thing will dry by itself?


hah, all I have to do is spray water on the cars, the others have to do all the scrubbing and drying..

hah, she's got to drag that hose around all day and spray every car down two or three times while we get a break between cars...

hey, wait a minute... I sprayed this car and ran to the next one, then back here to rinse, then back to the other to rinse, then here to rinse some more...!! Hey, Larry, do you wanna use the hose for a while?  

just one more step and Daniel will be in range of this towell....      

  and some non-worker always has to walk up and say - Hey, you missed a spot.    

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