Confirmation Class 2006

We believe in one God creator and sustainer of everything, who loves all creation. We believe Jesus is God's son; that he was a miracle worker, he died for our sins, he will forgive all our sins, he rose from the dead and then went into heaven and someday he will return in glory and judge us. By believing in Jesus we can all have eternal life. We believe the Holy Spirit connects us to God and helps us by watching and guiding all people everywhere and everyday. We believe the Bible is true and is the word of God for the people of God. We believe the church helps other people believe and should work together for Gods people through worship, teaching, fellowship, sharing about God and acts of service. The church is a source of light to the world. Amen

Sunday morning May 21

Preacher Paul

The Confirmands and their sponsors/mentors

Baptism for some and blessings for all

Sunday afternoon the youth held their annual softball game and picnic to welcome the new MaDFEW members

This year was one of the best games we've played

Lots of hustle - if it hadn't been for trying to keep the hat on she might have beat the throw

A little coaching from super mom/ Sunday school teach/ YOUth director Genna

both of you need to keep your eye on the ball....
(take a close look at the batter's eyes)

a pop-up

and stare the ball right into the glove - good catch

Last batter

It's not a picnic without plenty of burgers, chips and drinks

And it's not a youth group activity if there isn't plenty of hanging out and visiting

? Someone slipped in a football ?

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