Music & Missions 2004

Practice and other preparations for this years M&M trip started in May

Tuesday morning, June 8, was travel day.

St. Philips United Methodist Church opened their doors to us.
We spent Tuesday through Saturday morning in their Fellowship Hall while we put on the VBS for the Children's Activity Center

Their chairs made better beds than even the best air mattress.

This was our second trip to the CAC in Houston. From the 9th through the 11th we gave them the second VBS they had ever attended. On Saturday morning we also
participated in their regular activities as well as performed for them

some final set preparations at the CAC

signing up

Music, Crafts, Dancing and Bible Stories were our activities
(as well as lunch & snacks!!)

I think all of us gave our hearts to the kids



On Saturday after the closing activities at the CAC we drove to La Porte First United Methodist Church where they graciously hosted us Saturday and Sunday. We performed at both services & during the Sunday School time for their Youth Group

The Joy Stealer



To Be Loved

Our whole team except Janice Smith

on Sunday afternoon we drove to a Rest Home
where we did our dance to Redeemer

Sunday night found us at Baytown UMC where we played games with their youth group,
performed "To Be Loved", "Frail", "Alien Youth" and "Different Now"
and participated in their devotional time

This rainbow appeared Sunday night

Back home at FUMC Lindale

It wasn't all serious, we had plenty of time to relax,
enjoy good meals (under the Live Oak trees at Beck's)
and play plenty of games

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