Senior Sunday May 22, 2005

Belinda again honored our graduating seniors by organizing
the Senior Breakfast and recognition service

Next year, though, it's her turn to be served as she'll be a "grad parent"

Some of her decorations and gifts

The juniors and their families provided breakfast for the seniors
next year we get to eat first

Each senior had one more essay to write -
a short bio of their high school accomplishments and their plans for the future


One of the juniors introduced each grad and read their bio. The seniors then told of us their plans for the future...

Belinda gave each grad a form to collect notes from their friends and a sheet of laminating material to preserve them

After the Senior Breakfast our graduates were recognized during second service
The juniors got to introduce the graduates to the congregation and again read the bio's (some hastily revised)
Each senior spoke to the congregation about their plans and dreams for their future

The United Methodist Women presented each graduate with a Bible

A special thanks to Rev. Kethley for giving us so much time to honor our graduates. In fact, Paul gave up his sermon time to make it possible.

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