Spring Break 2004

Everyone had a great time over Spring Break

This year we camped at Martin Creek State Park

Pitching Washers

and horseshoes

never, ever have I seen a horseshoe hung up in a tree
who did this??no, Jayme isn't the one who threw the horseshoe in the tree
(in spite of how it looks, she really isn't the one who did it)

hanging out around the campfire


plenty of good food

Pieter also had some group games:

This "game" involved one person to attempting to squirt the contents of these bottles
(lemon juice, lime juice.....)
into the mouth of their team mate

Janice led us in several praise and worship songs
that really prepared us for the lesson brought by Jana

The kids found the balloons Pieter brought for another game
and serenaded everyone with a variety of sound effects
(kind of like someone dragging fingernails across a blackboard)

the object was to fly your balloon across a line
but most of them went backwards

all the "kids" enjoyed playing on the swings

and canoeing

tipping the canoe was easy, getting back in was NOT an exercise in grace

and of course the trip had to end

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