Summer Sunday Evenings 2006

07/30 Crud Wars

The object was to fill the bowl with liquid crud, using small sponges
(the bowls had pin holes in the bottoms to be sure some of the crud leaked)
the crud was a mixture of soft drinks and orange juice

The game involved digging worms out of a bowl of mud
A relay race, you couldn't go back to your team until you had swallowed the worm
(the mud was chocolate pudding and the worms were various type of Gummy candy)

sometimes it was necessary to find a convenient place to wipe off your hand

chocolate pudding as a new styling mousse

our version of the egg toss
you had to catch an egg in the basket, then hand it to your teammate
(or throw it on him)

first it was chocolate pudding, now raw eggs

a quick rinse while we prepared the next game

this time the teams had to catch a hunk of chilled crud
(which contained a bug or some time of crud)
in their mouth

You had to eat it before you could return to your line

a little pay back for some chilled crud down the back

some were so good at catching we had a quick contest to see who was best

and Genna got Beth to give it a try

btw - the crud was orange/grape/cherry and something jell-o cubes with various
types of candy centers

this games was supposed to be a contest to see which team could fill the bowl first
using spray bottles but one team played fair, the other took a shortcut
(the bottles were filled with plain water)

face painting
the materials were chocolate and vanilla cake icing, candy corn, red hots, gummy life savers, worms
and other stuff

washing that stuff off was a relief but I can still smell the chocolate

lovely ladies

the final event - a tug-of-war into a pit of clean water

it didn't take long

someone decided to stay dry

and she didn't stay dry for too long

and some tried to stay clear

Becky didn't stay hidden long enough

Genna didn't fight it, she went in sort of willingly

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