Sunday Evenings 2004

We went to Hurricane Harbor on Saturday 8/7 but didn't shoot any pictures,
then we were supposed to go bowling on the 8th but opted to stay at church to relax and finish Jana's gift/photo album
we ended up at the Tyler Putt-Putt on Aug 15 for our last Sunday night before school started

our sponsors played a couple of rounds, too

it sure took a lot of tries to sink a 3" putt

of course, we always have to have ice cream and play video games

Jonathan gave us a fine devotional before we headed back home

May 23
Putt Putt in Tyler

April 18
the first activity of the evening (well, second after eating) was some additional
Holy Graffiti

then we played a couple of balloon games
balloon foosball

next, a wild game designed to burn off some teenage energy

it looks to me like someone is hiding her balloon

the last two faced off
(note that this is NOT the balloon hider)

followed by making some posters for our upcoming Car Wash fundraiser

the Car Wash was a success - the pictures are

February 15 an evening of play - bowling & pizza

we had lots of STYLE
both bowling

and eating

and of course either talking on the cells or playing snake

most importantly though, we had great fellowship and fun

the scores

January 4 Prayer, Communion and Fellowship

To start the year in the right spiritual frame Pieter set up an evening of prayer and communion
First we loaded up in the van and drove to the site of the new Family Ministries center, City Hall and the high school
where we prayed for our church,
our government, armed forces, and police forces
and our schools

posing for pictures at each location was all fun and horsing around, but the prayers
offered up by the youth were straight from their hearts

on return to the youth room we took communion then had some time for fellowship and coffee

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