We started on the MaDFEW wall in our room Saturday Jan 14, 2006

Our Wall - it's gonna be magnetic, a chalkboard and an expression of who we are

First we had to sand the texture off the walls so the magnetic paint primer would be smooth

The sanders sounded like a hive of rabid bumblebees but with the stereo cranked
you could still dance to the music while you sanded

never get close to a blonde with a power tool in her hand

once the sanding was finished we had to clean up the dust before applying the first coats of primer

We only had two rollers so we took turns putting on the magnetic paint

and while one team worked it was Ms. Pac Man time

the first stage of our wall is finished

Next, 2 more coats of magnetic paint then the chalk board paint

Jan. 22nd & 29th

working on the last coat of magnetic paint

and starting the first coat of chalkboard paint

neither rain nor snow nor dark of night (or painting) will keep a teen age girl off the phone

A test of the chalkboard

then back to work
well, you always need supervision, right?
hmmm, wish they'd get done, I want to watch the paint dry
taping and painting

who says you need a ladder?

almost finished with the first full coat

more tests of the chalkboard paint

The wall is ready for some special features
July 1, 2006

Tim Smith- laying out the design

getting his paint ready with Emily's help

painting the Cross and Flame

the finished product

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