August 2005 saw us with a new youth director getting into the full swing of things

We had "towell races" where two youth dragged a third on a towell

that is when the towell didn't rip in half

We spent part of one evening sorting through hundreds of pictures,
getting ready to put some collages up on the walls

Genna called a parents meeting to fill them in on the planned activites and hand out calendars
of course, she had an ice breaker game too. We tossed a ball of yarn back and forth - BUT each time
we had to say something positive about the person to whom we through the ball

An evening of games and fellowship at the Hicks

This game involved an Alka Seltzzer tablet on a string and a water gun.
The object - be thie first to dissolve your opponents tablet before

with these two it turned into an all out war

Staying dry - and waiting for the food

the trampoline had the adults ready to dial 911 but the kids didn't have a worry

and what's else is there to do when you're eating watermelon but have a seed spitting contest

get ready, get set


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