A real mystery trip, none of the youth knew where we were going or what was planned

First stop, Waco to pick up two of our girls who were competing in an Arabian horse show.
They were surprised and we got to see our first riding competition

then into the van for the next leg of the trip - Austin

An evening at the hotel
The boys tried the pool and found it just a little bit cool so they relaxed in the hot water while Genna brought us a devotional

Monday - the capitol building

and then on to Natural Bridge Caverns near San Antonio
A picnic first, then a long wait for our tour time

While we waited Genna organized a game which kept the guys occupied until our tour was called

The natural bridge

After the cave tour it was on to San Antonio for a couple of games of Laser Tag

Tuesday morning we had the kids convinced they were going to do some missions work at a local church. We went so far as to find a church (that was closed) and fake a phone call that led them to believe there had been a mix up in scheduling. Thinking we were having to kill an hour before going back to the church to work imagine their shock when we turned down the road to Sea World and revealed the latest Mystery Trip destination

The Sea Lion show was good, but not a good photo op

Shamu and the killer whales

Relaxing before the ski show

To warm up the crowd the announcer played "YMCA" by the Village People

The skiers

Feeding the dolphins

An awesome aquarium

the long drive home included a couple of stops to use up some excess energy

What a great group of youth and adults

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